It is my goal to share some of my life’s moments but urgently I want to help those who want to leave Canada and not be faced with government supervised hotel stays while still following the rules.

Civil disobedience doesn’t require breaking the law, so let’s be creative!

Latest News

Finding PCR testing sites to return to Canada

Many resorts offer testing on site (Tulum) or through pharmacies. To re-enter Canada your PCR test must be within 72 ...

Civil Disobedience

Canada & the World is going through an extraordinary time with the pandemic due to Covid-19. We all have choices ...

The Buffalo-Shuffle

How to walk across the Canadian border, complying with the rules and simply going home! Yes, was rather simple doing ...

Driving across the border in a rental car

I had no luck finding a rental car to cross the border, but I met someone on my flight that ...

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