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    Many resorts offer testing on site (Tulum) or through pharmacies. To re-enter Canada your PCR test must be within 72 hours of the time of your crossing. So if you are walking across the border, make sure you have […]

  • I did learn with alot of research you can find a rental location in Buffalo and a location in the GTA. For example, the Cheektowaga location will allow one way into Canada with drop off in Markham location. If you are planning to drive across the border, and open to share your ride – post here.

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    Canada & the World is going through an extraordinary time with the pandemic due to Covid-19.

    We all have choices to make that make us feel secure & comfortable, while trying to maintain our sanity. After a […]

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    How to walk across the Canadian border, complying with the rules and simply going home!

    Yes, was rather simple doing the “buffalo-shuffle”! These rules would apply for any crossing in Canada.

    Why did I […]

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    I had no luck finding a rental car to cross the border, but I met someone on my flight that was successful! She offered to let me ride with her, which is why I’ve added a community board, so we can connect and […]

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